Maglaj is one of the several ancient towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Here you can enjoy in watching amazing aerial video of Maglaj town.

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Medieval Bosnia and Bosnian Kingdom (958–1463)

Medieval Bosnian country was for the first time mentioned in 958 in De administrando imperiowritten by the byzantine emperor Constantine Porphyrogenitus as a small country in the today’s central-eastern Bosnia.

The most powerful rulers or “ban” were ban Kulin and Stefan II Kotromanić who expanded Bosnia to the territory of today’s Herzegovina.

tvrtko_kotromanic_bista  Tvrtko I Kotromanić

The first crowned ruler and establisher of the Bosnian kingdom was Tvrtko I Kotromanić who expanded Bosnia during the 14th century also to some parts of today’s Dalmatia and Montenegro. The last Bosnian king Stjepan I Tomašević was executed in 1463 by Ottomans and that was the end of Bosnian kingdom.

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Useful Bosnian Phrases

English Bosnian
Welcome Dobrodošli
Hello Zdravo
Good morning Dobro jutro
Good afternoon Dobar dan
Good evening Dobro veče
Good night Laku noć
Bon apetit Prijatno
How are you? Kako si?
Fine thanks, and you? Dobro, hvala..a ti?
Fine thanks, and you? How much is this? / How much this costs? Koliko je ovo? / Koliko ovo košta?
What’s your name? Kako se zoveš?
My name is…
Ja sam…
Moje ime je…
Nice to meet you Drago mi je da smo se upoznali
Goodbye Do viđenja

Bosnia and Herzegovina


Once upon a time a worthy caller asked:
Who is that what is that forgive
Where is that
Whence is that
Where to is

And the questioned gave then a prompt reply to him:
Bosnia forgive there is a land
Both barren And barefoot forgive
Both cold and hungry
And even more
A dream

– Poem by Mehmedalija Mak Dizdar

*Pars fuit Illyrici, quam nunc vocat incola Bosnam,
Dura, sed argenti, unere munere dives humus.
Non illic virides spacioso margine campi,
Nec sata qui multo foenore reddat ager.
Sed rigidi montes, sed saxa miniantia coleo,
Castella et summis imposta alta jugis.

– Iani Pannoni Quinque: Elegarium Liber (El. VI)